Best Offices – I mean – Coffee Shops in Atlanta

I work in a lot of different offices. Correction: I work in a lot of different coffee shops around the city. There are other people at coffee shops who are working, and for someone who sets her own schedule most of the time, this is motivating. I decide where to work at based on my mood (and budget). A delicate combination of prices, WiFi strength, outlet availability, and general ambiance/mood is how I picked my favorite spots. I’ve been to a lot of different coffee shops and deciding which ones are the best in Atlanta comes down to how much time I’ve spent there.

The only two criteria I mention are price range and MARTA accessibility, since those are my first considerations when I am picking where to work for the day. Given that I am not exactly a thriving freelance writer or *insert career here* yet I have to pay careful attention to the amount I am spending in my offices every week. So read on to learn about some coffee shops with $1.50 tea as well as some places with steeper java and tea prices but whose general ambiance I find worth it.

So let’s go to office #1 on my list:


Javamonkey in downtown Decatur

This place has become me second living room. It is also somewhat set up like a living room with two couches, several smaller round tables, and two walls of counter space. This means there are lots of cozy corners to settle into and work. The outlets along the counters are plentiful but it can be a little harder to access the outlets behind the couches. My favorite thing about this place? Great $1-3 loose-leaf tea. Some of my favorite teas to have are: Tangerine-Ginger green tea and Peach Blosson white tea. Right next to the Decatur MARTA station.

photo: Joe Miceli Photography

Chrome Yellow Trading Co. on Edgewood Ave.

This place feels as if Instagram’s coffee pages all in one spot and you were inside it. It has great decor and great aesthetics. My favorite thing about this place is that I can focus for long periods of time. The natural lighting that comes in from the large windows as well as multiple skylights make it an airy space to get work done and be inspired. The larger round and rectangular tables are great for group meetings and work. This place is a little pricier, with tea costing $4-6, so I don’t go here every day but it’s definitely my first consideration if I really need a clean, streamlined, creative space to work in. It kind of feels like a co-working space with great interior design. This place is a 15 min walk from the King Memorial MARTA station.

Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 8.19.10 PM.png

Ebrik Coffee House in downtown Atlanta

Get off the MARTA station at Five Points and head down a block down Decatur Street, to the left of the station, and you will find Ebrik Coffee Shop on the corner. Having recently located to this larger space on the corner of Decatur and Pryor, this coffee shop offers lots of space, decent prices at a very accessible location (for MARTA riders). The best thing about this place? It’s run by Palestinian brothers from Chicago and the people that work there are always ready to say hi and have a conversation with you. POC vibes flowing all around. The music can get a little loud and the wifi is not so strong upstairs but I find I can get a lot of work done here on more quiet days. Tea prices are $2-3. 

Outside Condesa Coffee from

Condesa Coffee near the Old Fourth Ward

The best thing about this place is how quiet it is. Even though it is near a very busy intersection on Highland Ave, it feels tucked away behind the greenery and pleasant smell of coffee roast. This place is never too crowded, and is usually pretty quiet with lots of outlets everywhere. I also think this place has great natural lighting, something I find very important. This place is not entirely MARTA accessible but can be a good walk from the King Memorial station if you’re up for some exercise. You can also catch the 99 from King Memorial station and get there in a couple minutes. A little pricier, coffee and tea ranging from $5-6. 

Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 8.34.05 PM
Outside Joe’s Coffee Shop, woodwork by @b10union

Joe’s Coffee Shop in East Atlanta Village

This is a great spot for meeting up with someone and having a conversation or getting some work done. It’s very cozy, with several couches, plenty of spots for getting up close and personal. They have great baked goods- try the key lime pie!! I’m sure they have great coffee but I’ve only ever tried the tea. The best part about this place is that it is covered in one of Atlanta’s most iconic artist’s work. Decent prices, $3-6. Accessible via MARTA bus on the 9 from Inman Park station. 

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