Life Lessons at 23


Life lessons (1)

In honor of reaching my twenty third year of life yesterday, I’ve reflected on what this past year has taught me, showed me, affirmed for me, and given to me:

  • Time is a circle, not a line. It moves out from a center, radiating in a wider and wider circle, and this center is with you at all times because it is the present moment. Do you know how blessed we are to be in the present moment, that is to be aware of the center of the universe, to be a manifestation of the universe’s own consciousness, and aware of it in this present moment?
  • Achieving your goals is not necessarily a series of calculated steps and more of a projectile vomiting yourself/work/ideas all  over everyone until something sticks.
  • Manifestation through thoughts is powerful. You can spend as much time manifesting your fears as your dreams, so being positive is part of a powerful algorithm of manifestation.
  • “Behind-the-scenes” is really the main stage, this is where the magic of your life happens, what it looks like is what happens after.
  • What feels right is what should dictate your life, tell you where to go, and what to focus on, not what looks right. What feels right comes from within the self, the quiet space of the heart, not the critical, conscious, judging eye.
  • Love yourself. Love yourself first, last, forever, now, tomorrow, then, after, before, yesterday, when, until, during, still, always , even if, even when, just because, over it, for it, in spite of it, despite, because, right now, on time, slowly, quickly, really, seriously, deeply, righteously, and always, always fearlessly.


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